"Youth work absolutley worked for my son, at one point it was the only thing that worked - it is thanks to you that he wasn't in a worse place than he could have been. You were the one that got through. You were a normal person."


Mum of 16-year-old young man

One to One Work

As well as offering empowerment support to groups, Sam offers one to one work for young people who need some additional support in their turbulent lives. Sessions meeting times and venues are flexible and will be discussed in the intital meeting held with Sam, the young person, the parent/care giver and (where appropriate) the person who has referred ther young person into the service.

The 6-week programme (minimum) is tailored to the specific needs of the young person and covers topics including (but not limited to):

  • Mindfulness
  • Building healthy relationships on and offline
  • Consequences to actions
  • Exploring risk-taking behaviours
  • Managing emotions
  • Support to stay engaged in education
  • Alternatives to current lifestyle choices


The programme is built around the young person and the sessions are confidential unless there is risk to the young person or another person's safety.






'Having a youth worker helped me boost my confidence and helped me to learn to talk to people and control my emotions more and just be a  better version of myself. I would recommend youth work to anyone.'


17-year-old young woman