Children and Young People Services

Digitally Yours was set up with the aim to put a percentage of its profits into free Empowerment Projects to children and young people based on building a healthy relationship with the internet. We run courses for different age groups and are keen to hear from you if you would like us to run one in your area.

We support a 10-12 years project, a 13-16 years project and a 16+ years project. We are happy and able to support those with special educational needs and disabilites and can tailor any of our sessions to the needs of the different age groups.

We are looking to develop an 8-10 years project as we recognise that early help and support can prevent an online issue from arising in later teen-life.

The sessions include work on:

  • Mental Health - having a healthy mind is crucial to be able to make healthy decisions
  • Consequences to actions - looking at the law and what can really happen if you send an explicit image, or take part in online bullying
  • Risk management - how do you say no?
  • Support structures in your life - who do you have in your life for help and who else is there (organisations)
  • What makes a good friend and how we identify what a friend is (on and offline)
  • Fun - we have a lot of fun being creative 
  • Creating a mindfullness box which is at the heart of the Empowerment Project. The idea is the children and young people create this box, take it home and then can go back to it in times of difficulty to help stop them from making mistakes online. Research suggests that if your are not mindful about what you post, then that's when issues arise
    • The box contains all the handouts we go through (including chocolate meditation)
    • The box has products in it such as shower gel, handcream, bath bombs and anything we can get our hands on to promote a sensory alternative to being on your phone
    • The box is decorated by the person taking part to give it that personal touch


"Digital literacy is vital for children to beneift from online opportunites and to

safeguard themselves from the risk of harm."

UKCCIS, 2017


In Summer 2018 we ran the first Empowerment Project with some young women from Hertfordshire.

Thanks to generous donations from the community, including a grant from Community Action Dacroum and individuals, the three-day project was a huge success, culminating in the development of the Empowerment business card which was designed by the young women who took part.