Hello and welcome to Digitally Yours.


My name is Sam Hollier and I am pictured here, flanked by the two men in my life. I am the founder of Digitally Yours and the creator of the Online Empowerment Projects for professionals, parents and children as well as our new Digital Health CheckĀ©.

I have been a youth worker for more than 23 years and spent my most recent years working with vulnerable families, supporting them as a whole to make positive changes to benefit them all. I have an MA in Advanced Child Protection and spent many months researching and writing about online grooming for my dissertation.

My passion is for online safeguarding and I have created a dynamic and alternative view of staying safe online by looking at mental health, mindfullness, consequences to actions, giving power back to the individual and by exploring risk-taking behaviours, alternatives to the internet and how to have fun!!

The internet is an ever-evolving environment that our children explore all day every day, so let's make it a fun and creative space, as well as being safe, but;


"...many young people do not perceive what is hapening to them as abusive, but normal, they do not report it, they think that this is something that hapens to everybody and you just have to deal with it."

Tink Palmer, Digital Dangers, 2015


Let's start a revolution and remind our children that they are not alone and that it is not OK to feel pressure from others linked to their online lives. Let's empower them to step away, say no and turn off their mobile phone.

We can do this...one child at a time.


I would love to hear from you and to talk about how I can offer a forward-thinking solution to supporitng an alternative method to online safety. 





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